Sophie Bérubé has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1999. After practicing Labour and Employment Law in Montreal with the renowned firm Fasken Martineau, she worked in various fields such as communications, journalism, real estate and architecture before embracing her passion for mediation full time.

Inspired by her recent years evolving between two little diverse communities in Montréal and Aruba, and passionate about co-creating solutions between individuals from different social, cultural and economic contexts, Sophie started the grass-rooted initiatives The Windsong Project and IMC for Peace.

IMC for Peace & Family offers programs and retreats meant to democratize mediation, celebrate and enhance the already existing processes in local and indigenous communities, and to bring a more natural and family-oriented humanistic approach to international mediation.

By taking a dive into diverse intimate realities with trust and transparency, mostly with the help of artists, healers and local peace activists, the social entrepreneur was inspired to create a new kind of cultural awakening based on universal values and resonance.

The Windsong project is the Peace and Arts twin of IMC, with an annual festival and artist residencies in Aruba and Montreal. Headquarters are situated at The Core of Aruba, a local cooperative initiative. ( )

Bérubé also co-founded in 2017 the organisation CAP to help families and judicial institutions fight against parental alienation. The emergency booklet she conceived for parents dealing with difficult separations helped more than 7000 families and all the proceeds helped the foundation activities.

Since 2011, she has done many conferences and published many novels, including the best-seller “Sans Antécédent” (No priors) on the subject of perception in domestic violence. She also published several short stories and nonfictional books. Her upcoming essay “The Miracle of Separation” co-written with mediator Leanne Greenberg will be published in early 2023, opening new creative possibilities for parties going through painful processes.

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