At IMC for Peace & Family, we have adopted an innovative approach to peace building, starting by adopting a larger definition of family, which can be simply described as a group of people going through life together.

In our personal lives, and in our different communities and ecosystems, at every moment, we take the risk to fight with each other, get lost in translation and hurt each other. Our relationships with our families and friends (in certain indigenous communities, we use the expression “extended family”) are always an opportunity to be more self-aware, to learn how to better coexist and support each other as we do as a family.

Our ultimate goal is to empower every individual, family, organization and ecosystem to generate peace from within and offer a diversity of perspectives that invites positive personal and social change.

By bringing forward a more inclusive, humanistic, family-oriented approach to mediation and conflict resolution strategies, we discover our authentic selves, our true nature and we can untangle the deep roots of our inner and outer conflicts, without fearing judgement.

The integration of positive values such as compassion, creativity and courage in the art of peacemaking brings more satisfactory agreements and relationships in the long-term, positive self-management for individuals who will be empowered and acknowledged by the processes, and countless positive long-term ripple effects in all dimensions of our society.

IMC for Peace has a unique business model, as we are aiming to redistribute revenues and time. Our governance is renewed everyday as we follow natural intelligence wherever we can find it.

Sovereignty in Self-expression - Diversity in action - Cooperative trust and fairness


« After two unsuccessful attempts at mediation we found the extraordinary Sophie Bérubé. I often wondered what makes a mediator want to do this awful job of acting as the referee between two people who, in most cases, would rather throw the table at each other. But ten minutes into our meeting, I realized that Sophie was on a mission to heal the world. If she could get two people at war to reach a truce, and possibly, even a respectful agreement, the whole family, and indirectly our world, would reap the benefits. She reminded us that there was no such thing as a perfectly fair agreement and that there are contributions that cannot be measured with a price tag. She worked with us patiently and compassionately and to my greatest surprise - the process wasn't as painful as I had feared. When signing the agreement, we found the room to laugh and went on to care for our family after sharing a hug. » - Imola

« I am writing this note to say thank you so much because you were able to understand the situation each party was in with your sensitivity and empathy!  The skill with which you handled the discussions made us feel so comfortable that he we let our guard down and the other party gave you a trust that was NEVER given to anyone else before.  You unblocked situations that were doomed to fail in advance by knowing how to bring things to the table.”May God strengthen you more in this extraordinary work that you are doing! Think of emptying yourself at the end of the day of all the negativity that you have to hear all day long and be blessed. » - Ele

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