Certifications for companies that have completed these steps:

  • Allowed 40% of their employees to complete the 1.5-hour training and 40% of their managers to complete the half-day training.

  • Successfully completed a pre-qualification stage

  • Developed mock case selections and practical cases applicable to cultural and economic diversity

  • Successfully completed a qualification process with two IMC-certified professionals

  • Recognition by an independent organization affiliated with IMC

  • Certifications available for professionals and various health and justice stakeholders who have

  • Relevant and legitimate prerequisite training specific to their field

  • Relevant field experience

  • Pre-qualification interview with mediated establishment of training objectives and three practical cases applicable to cultural and economic diversity

  • Training completed between 15 and 35 hours, depending on the pre-qualification and the targeted certification

  • Recognition of the process by an independent affiliated organization

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