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As ecosystems change, so must the solutions...

IMC for Peace and Family aims to make conflict resolution more accessible, especially in areas where our system is struggling to meet the needs of individuals and small communities.

Our communities not only have a duty of care to its members, they also have a responsibility to influence their own ecosystems in a positive way that protects the values and success of future generations. Like the adage that it takes a village to raise a child, we are all called to be part of the solution. Our fast-paced evolution now demands that systemic change be unburdened and that the burden of resolving conflict no longer require the traditional political decade to be implemented.


  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution

  • Peace index diagnostics and certification

  • Training programs and certifications

  • Customized workshops

  • Certification

  • Support in the implementation of internal and external systems that promote harmony, equity and wisdom in daily life.

    Research projects and Peace Hubs

  • Solutions for cooperation, conflict prevention and diagnosis related to the peace index within families and communities/businesses/government services;

  • Holding peace for religions” and positive belief systems. (in collaboration with Fair Practices - South Africa)

  • Solutions dedicated to the reconciliation of social classes within the family, an organization or a diverse community;

  • Consultations with specialized organizations and companies in the neutral field to establish between artificial intelligence, creativity and natural intelligence;

  • Innovative collaboration models in the field of construction, real estate and eco-responsible tourism;

  • Democratization of the mediation profession and opening of new markets: municipal services, media, inheritance and taxation

Our implication

IMC for Peace and Family aims to make conflict resolution more accessible, especially in areas where our system is failing to meet the needs of families whose hearts are hurting. We have many causes including this one:


  • "I am writing to say thank you very much for your sensitivity and empathy in understanding the situation in which each party found itself! The skill with which you handled the discussions made us feel so comfortable that we let our guard down. The other person gave his trust when he had NEVER given such trust to anyone around him. You unblocked situations that were doomed to fail beforehand by knowing how to bring things to the table in a caring way." - Ele

    "After two unsuccessful attempts at mediation, we found the extraordinary Sophie Berube. I have often wondered what would drive a mediator to do such a horrible job of arbitration. Within ten minutes of meeting her, I realized that she was on a mission to heal the world. She said that if we could get two warring people to reach a truce, or even a respectable agreement, the whole family, and indirectly our whole world, would reap the benefits. She reminded us that there was no such thing as a perfectly fair agreement and that some contributions could not be measured in money. She worked with us patiently and compassionately and, to my surprise, the process was not as painful as I had feared. As we signed the agreement, we found room to laugh and continued to care for our family after sharing a hug." Imola

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