Introduction to a global and transversal approach to mediation: Free 25 min

In viewing this presentation, we discover the interdisciplinary aspect of mediation and the construction of a more peaceful society, as much through our individual perceptions as through the study of current science and the experience of the wisdoms that have gone before us.

Register now for the Peacemakers Program and Retreat at The Core of Aruba - October 3rd to 7th, 2022 (only 12 spots available) and for our seminars available starting in April 2022.

This program is perfect for all professionals striving to bring more curiosity, playfulness and humanity in their approach to conflict resolution, therefore creating more peace in all of their ecosystems. - Sophie Berube, Author, Professional Mediator and Program Leader Canada


  • Different styles of mediation and peacemaking

  • Indigenous, plants and animals’ natural wisdom for more cooperative behaviors

  • Mediation advocating and mobilizing for peace in times of crisis

  • Rules and obligations; a review of the basics

  • Paving the way to peace: team building, information gathering and process

  • Knowing and unknowing the plausible scenarios - BATNA’s and WATNA’s

  • Being self-aware of the internal mediator, the subconscious mind

  • Avoiding traps, knowing when to walk away and looking out for bias

  • Addressing traumas and doubts; untangling issues on a deeper level

  • Developing creative and modern skills, techniques, and tools against deadlocks

  • Reaching for more fairness and rebuilding trust with humility, curiosity and playfulness

  • Providing recognition and empowerment to all in the process

  • Transcending time with new perspectives, new narratives

BASIC PROGRAM (30h to 35 h)

  • A combination of Online course and In person : 30-35h

  • A fun interactive mix of theory, practice, workshops, case simulations and teambuilding activities

  • 2 private sessions of 1 hour with the Program Leader, before and during

  • Small groups min 12 to max 21

  • “Peacemakers” Certification by IMC upon certain conditions and Continuing Education credits

  • Support group of diversified trusted professionals peacemakers on social media

  • Prices from 800$ to 3000$ depending on locations and accommodation

SEMINARS (2h to 14h)

  • Online courses and in person

  • A fun interactive mix of theory, workshops, case simulations and a one teambuilding exercise

  • “Mobilized for peace” Certification for professionals and organizations under certain conditions

  • “Peacemakers” Certification for accredited mediators and lawyers under certain conditions

  • Continuing Legal Education credits

  • Prices from 50$ to 800$


  • April 28-29th
    Mobilizing for peace: an introduction to peacemaking and mediation (4h)
    Online – with optional activity In person in Montreal on April 28th (12 spots available only )
    Price : 222$

  • June 8-9th
    The Peacemakers’ short program (12h)
    Online with optional activity in Montreal TBD
    Price : 444$

  • August 5th
    Peace conference with various artist and natural peacemakers at The Core of Aruba
    Price : 20$ Online and in person

  • October 3rd to 10th, 2022
    Register now for the peacemakers Program and Retreat at The Core of Aruba - October 3rd to 10th, 2022
    Price: from 999$ to 3000$ depending on food and lodging options October 1st to October 8th
    A transformational retreat for inner and outer peace
    Celebration of John Lennon Day at The Core of Aruba

  • November (Dates TBD – South Africa)
    The Peacemakers’ short program (12h) – Online with optional activity in South Africa TBD

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We recommend the following books to those interested in the program :

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