Dr Lalonde, an experienced psychiatrist with an MBA from Harvard, is able to help create new models of care in mental health, not by offering online services and by working with the leaders who are transforming mental health industry, also by teaching the latest developments in the field to our clientele.

With 20 years of experience gained in academia, clinical practice and in the biotech-pharma industry, including joining a technology start-up in mental health, Justine also offers the training for professionals and organizations based on IFS System, which is one of the main theories behind IMC for Peace, in helping us to not only help the self-healing of traumas, but also to lead our existence with Self-led values in action such as the 8 C’s (compassion, clarity, connexion, courage, curiosity, creativity, confidence and calmness). She also reviews the medical implications of connecting different expertises to improve mental health in our diversifed environments.

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